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CORE Beers

These are our bread n' butter, brewed year 'round beers that we want you to enjoy all the time. Come on down to the taproom and try some for yourself.

Taproom open Saturdays Noon - 5pm



Abe's ale

Maple Brown Ale

8.7% ABV

Abe’s Ale is our maple syrup brown ale. It throws a wrench in the works of the bland brown ale with it’s high A.B.V, which serves to balance and almost disappear the sweet from the maple syrup.


big ole' stout


5.2% ABV

Big Ole' Stout is for the fuller-bodied beer drinker. It's meant to keep you warm on a chilly night.



India Pale Ale

5.9% ABV

A perfect accompaniment to the game and the grind. This GOOD FOOD Award IPA formula is plowed with Galaxy and Citra hops, giving it a chock full of citrus and stone fruit flavors.


session lager


3.7% ABV

The beer that will set you free…our Session Lager is an easy drinking, smooth lager that has caramel flavors that make it great to drink with a nice meal, or even cook with. Reach for this lager on those long summer days.


springfield wheat

Hefeweizen Wheat Beer

5.2% ABV

This hefeweizen-style wheat is great for quenching a thirst in the heat. The natural notes of banana and clove ensure every quaff is smooth and refreshing.



specialty beers

We also brew some stuff that you'd want to put on yer kitchen table during the holidays. Many of the ingredients in these beers were sourced within a few miles of our farm, if not directly on-site. 



Apple ale

Gluten-Free Apple Ale

5.2% ABV

Our neighbors next door, Jefferies Orchard, have an apple orchard with several heirloom varieties, some dating back a century or more. Their apple cider is a fall staple for many folks around our parts. We decided to blend it with a batch made with gluten-free grains for another hyper-local offering that redefines the everyday apple ale. Without added sugars or flavorings, it's a whole new take on the ability to let ingredients speak for themselves.

blackberry coriander ale

Fruit & Spice Blonde Ale

5.2% ABV

Blackberries have to be hand-harvested; it's a labor of love. We pulled these blackberries from a local farmer and after squeezing them in a hand press, we added our own organically grown coriander. The fresh blackberry juice is present but not overpowering to allow the coriander and hops to emerge on the tongue. Many wine drinkers have expressed a fondness for this beer.


Blood orange

Hefeweizen with Blood Oranges

6.5% ABV

The way we reckon, there's not much worth doing that's easy. We search far and wide every year to procure 400 lbs. of blood oranges while they're at their peak and add it to an already delicious summery wheat beer.

blueberry thyme lager

Fruit & Spice Lager

4.7% ABV

Smooth, subtle, and our hyper-locally-sourced take on a fruited brew. Made with hand-pressed blueberries from the farm next door (Jefferies Orchard) and handpicked thyme from our own organic garden. We let each ingredient speak for itself in this beer without added sweetening.


cherry wit

Witbier with Sour Cherries

6.2% ABV

We only make this brew on years when the local cherry harvest is good! Using cherries from Jefferies Orchard, this brew is another hyper-local offering that allows each part to contribute to the overall experience.


coffee break

Ale with Coffee

8.5% ABV

We took a classic brown ale base and added cold press Custom Cup Coffee, which is a small-batch coffee roaster just 7 miles down the road. The blend has a perfect balance of the two types of brews. Everyone needs a Coffee Break!


Raspberry truffle porter

Porter with Raspberries and Truffles

5.7% ABV

A toasty porter aged on cocao nibs and raspberries. A big raspberry forward aroma with a sweet chocolatey finish.


Strawberry basil

Blonde Ale with Strawberries and Basil

5.2% ABV

Handpicked local strawberries. Our own organically grown basil. Great for warmer weather, this beer is a great combination on the tongue of two ingredients some might not normally pair together.

More artisanal creations to come...



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